Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marcus' 2nd Birthday

A letter to Marcus:

Dear Marcus,

I can't believe another year has past by so quickly. On the morning of your second birthday, you woke up early as usual! I allowed you to have a lightly frosted Elmo cupcake for breakfast and watch Sesame Street. Daddy and I sang “Happy Birthday” to you. We got ready for school and began our day. At school, they had a sign for you outside. They also had one at your classroom door along with balloons. I came to your classroom at snack-time to sing “Happy Birthday” and have cupcakes and juice boxes. You ignored me and enjoyed your snack! I left work early so I could spend the remainder of the day with you. When Daddy got home we opened presents. You received books, socks and new Sesame Street cups! You loved opening presents! Daddy and I took you out to dinner at Rio Lerma, a local Tex-Mex restaurant. Judy, Michael and Brittany came too! Afterward, we went to McDonald's for ice cream! You were very happy! I let you stay up late with Brittany and me.
You are a very bright tot! You love Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang, but Elmo is your favorite! You talk a lot! Daddy and I can have conversations with you and easily understand what you want or need. I'm so proud to be your mommy! You count to ten easily and sometimes go past ten. You sing your “ABC's” and dance too! You sing several songs including some from the radio. I love watching you dance in your car seat. I feel you are slightly brighter then your peers and I feel myself beaming as it shows! This year, you proudly colored the couch! You love to color and write. You couldn't understand why Daddy and I didn't like the couch, but seemed agreeable to cleaning it. You say “What's up, Mommy?” and it's very cute! You have the cutest voice in the world! I love talking to you! You are a cuddler and love to give kisses! But, when things don't go your way, you get pretty upset! I'm hoping it's just a phase! You understand time out and prefer not to go there! You apologize when you are in “trouble” and give hugs. You are also very independent and prefer to do things on your own. You frequently say, “I help” or “I do it” when it comes to doing things of importance to you. You are also very compassionate. If you see a baby crying, you will say, “shhh baby” and try to find their pacifier or bottle.
Your birthday party is next Saturday at Bouncing Around. It's an indoor bounce house in Forney. The theme for your party is Elmo and I'm very excited to see your face as you receive your cake and tricycle. Daddy and I have planned a very special day for you! We invited all your family, friends and classmates!
I know you will be growing much more in the next year! We are going through the joys of potty training now. You have your moments when you want to do it, but usually tell us no. Tonight, you went on the potty and we were very proud! Some of our goals for you for the next year include: being potty trained, recognizing all letters by sight, recognizing all numbers by sight and writing your name before your next birthday. I know you are able to obtain all these goals and your eagerness shows!
I love you very much Marcus Preciliano Tanguma! Happy 2nd Birthday, cupcake!



His birthday party was a success and he loved it!  I couldn't believe he had such a great time with his friends at such a young age.  I know he won't remember the day, but he'll always be able to look back at the photo's and the letter I wrote him.  I hope to write him every year and gift it to him as an adult.  He brings so much joy to my life and I can't imagine it without him! 

Cupcake for breakfast and Seasame Street

Birthday Sign and Balloon on his classroom door

Happy Birthday sign outside the school.

Enjoying cupcakes and juice pouches with his classmates...ignoring me!

Cupcakes for his party!

Daddy and Marcus coming down the slide...Mommy (right) waiting at the bottom!

Birthday evening at home

Rock 'n Roll Elmo cake...made by mommy!

party room

Mommy and Marcus

Getting on the party hats!

my fav pic!

my perfect lil family!

Party Photography by: Elizabeth Stanley Photography